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WTS Template JK Goodies

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Looking for some oldschool JK stuff?

Forget these other shoddy craftsmen of template JK gear!
Get yours now from a reputable player who has been JK since before that other whitelight kingdom existed.


Tall Banners



Currently have these in stock, prices for each are also listed:

(1)  Wagon  -  10s
(3)  Tall Banners  -  2s
(7)  Flags  -  75c
(MANY)  Banners  -  75c


All items are pick up only at Tenakill's Landing on Xanadu (B16 ingame), unless they can be mailed. If mailing is applicable, the buyer pays the COD fees.

For convenience, I have a few items on my merchant at Glasshollow on Xanadu.
The 'Odds N Ends' Merchant currently holds:

(2)  Tall Banners  -  2s
(16)  Banners  -  75c

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3 minutes ago, Obi said:

plz send 1 banner and 2 flags to Obi

This was from 2015. Doubt these are still for sale, and at the very least not at these prices. 

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