As far as I can tell, there have only been two public Nahjo Priest auctions to date, so Nahjo Priests are still a very rare commodity! Don't miss out on this opportunity to own one!   Located on Independence at 19y, 34x on the community map: (G16 in game)   Skill Dump:   Skill Affinity: Cloth Tailoring.   70.620 Faith 15.446 Meditation: Level 4 Path of Love: Warm (This means he has Refresh) Comes with a Rowboat (This character can then sail himself to your home, without needing to be premiumed.) Comes with a Magranon Statuette (This statuette is what Nahjo priests use.) Comes with a Mirror. (So you can customize how he looks.)   Does not have a Village Teleport, a Referral or Premium Time left.   Starting Bid: 20s Bid Increments: 1s Reserve: Hidden Sniper Protection: 1 Hour No Buyout. SNIPER PROTECTION IS ENACTED!!! The Auction will now end at 6:52am     Why the hell would I want a Nahjo Priest?:   Nahjo priests get the following awesome spells: Light Token, Aura of Shared Pain, Mend, Courier, Cure Light, Lurker in the Dark, Dominate, Dirt (Spell), Frostbrand, Mind Stealer, Wind of Ages, Life Transfer, Genesis and Strongwall. This priest is has all of those spells right away! Plus, Nahjo's sacrificial items are Alchemy items, which includes Healing Cover goods, which means this priest will receive a great deal of favor (1 favor per 10ql) from sacrificing Corn, Onions, Garlic and Pumpkins.   You will literally be able to cast Genesis and Strongwall right away!   The question isn't why the hell would you want a Nahjo Priest, but, why the hell wouldn't you want one?   What kind of name is Stannis Baratheon?:     Previous Nahjo Priest sold: Daario