WTS Rare Cedarwood High Bookshelf

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This piece of art is available to buy at Sarmatian Island (S19 on Xanadu) or can be delivered anywhere except Chaos (delivery price will be negotiated).


[11:10:20] Simply looking at this collection of wisdom makes you feel more clever. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from cedarwood. You will want to polish the high bookshelf with a pelt to improve it. Ql: 20.149694, Dam: 0.0.


Don't just feel more clever! Feel special clever today!


Bookshelf can be imped up to 50ql on request. Can be picked up to inventory - Wurmpedia is full of lies (no idea if you can load it).


Asking price is as little as 5s.


Contact Losik / Noist or Boldheart in game for details or PM me on forum.


Jah Bless!

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I met the 5s price first


Price is 5s + delivery, not 5s with delivery. If you live close to us I will consider your offer.

PMs sent.

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