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Traders Newspring Starter Town

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Further to the latest news update and the suggestion to improve starter towns, maybe it would be an idea to fix the traders in the starter towns too.

Over the last couple of months, I have checked the Newspring Starter Town traders, to see what they have to offer.

You will see from the images below that each month there are plenty of seriously damaged items on offer.

Newspring Traders on offer


1. Maybe these items need to be cleared more regularly?

2. At the same time, less of the ridiculously expensive items could be put on the trader; is it really necessary to offer 3 transmutation rods and 3 magical chests, etc?

Then maybe, the constant message of being short on cash, etc. would not appear so often?

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The trades only ever have for sale what the players sell to them except the standard kingdom items.  Players are not going to sell it things that are worth anything to valuable because the trader will not offer them as much as they could get in the open market. 


As far as them having money on them to buy things that all is dependent on the ratio being good and a number of new factors just put in not long ago.  The only way to keep public traders working is to keep a very close eye on the ratio. 


i am not even sure if they turned the Xanadu traders back on after they were shut off when i had set up that one private one.  I did recently buy a cheap trader contract on Xanadu from a guy and i did try to set it up and it gave me the message that traders were not allowed there but i am not sure if they turned back on the public ones after that deal or not. (i guess they would have but i am not sure) 

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