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Sound seems to be echoing

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It's hard to explain audio anomalies...

I heard some of the background fuzz and samples echoing too prominently in a cave the other day.

Since then, my ears have been tuned to it. On my settlement, on the coast for example, the bubbly sound of the waves seems to echo a bit too much.

The frogs are not affected, and sound fine. 


The echoing on the waves (and the drips in caves) makes it feel a bit like a 70s movie. Not sure what other information I can supply, but once youve heard it, it cannot be unheard.


Let me know if I can be of any more assistance




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As a test, try opening wurm launcher to the SETTINGS>SOUND tab


1) Try setting sound engine to software mode because hardware mode (OpenAL) sometimes has more issues.


2) As a test, uncheck SOUND CACHING,   DOPPLER EFFECT   and    BACKGROUND BUZZ (you can turn them back on again if it makes no difference.) Sound caching especially was mentioned in one thread linked below as being the issue.


3) If you are using a USB HEADSET see whether you can find (for testing) a regular wired headphones or speakers that use the old fashion "green and pink" plugs into the back of the computer. 


4) Because onboard motherboard audio tends to be more "generic," try using that if possible instead of either Creative or USB soundcards. (I believe Creative made up their own custom OpenAL called ALchemy or similar. I have an older high end creative card (fatal1ty X-fi) but I tend to just use software mode now, I think I was having strange issues with hardware/openAL.




You probably need to try setting these when you are NOT ingame, and restart the launcher afterwards.


You might also want to go to CONTROL PANEL > SYSTEM > DEVICE MANAGER > SOUND-VIDEO-GAME CONTROLLERS and see what sound device it shows as the default, and what the properties > driver date show. If you list the device name, driver date, operating system (ie, 64-bit Win10), I can see if the manufacturer has made better drivers recently. I would not trust Windows Update or the desktop/laptop maker was they usually stop updating sound drivers once they think they have one "stable" for home office use , ie DVD playback, watching youtube etc.



old threads with similar issues:




I seem to recall an issue with certain devices being nearby a device with ... magnetism? I forget now so I will see if I can google, it is possible some speakers do not like to be nearby a monitor with builtin speakers or .. something else (starts to mumble a little)

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Thanks for the detailed and logical response. I went through the settings, and have doppler and the like disabled.

I use a digital (optical out) headphone amplifier, and no interference on the line is happening.

I produce music, and haven't heard anything out of the ordinary during my usual processes.

If this is definitely just me, then of course, it is not an issue and the thread can be closed, but it really does sound like something that is part of the game, since it only happens for waves and drop sounds in caves.


Ill keep an eye(ear?) peeled :)


Thanks Brash.


Wood scrap burning master marlon.

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