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Pingpong's Dwarven Armory

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Welcome to my current Dwarven Armory, at present it's offering Shields, chain armor and plate helms and iron. If there's something in particular you want but don't see let me know and I can most probably work something out :) I'm happy to mail anything out, cod of course or pick up is at F24 on exodus or D15 on Indy. I will edit this post I as realize what I forgot etc. Ingame name is the same and my alt pingpongstorage usually mails stock out.

Shields: Wood-Iron

 shields 70ql (any size) 25c

 shields 80ql (any size) 50c
 shields 90ql (any size) 1s

 shields 95ql (any size) 3s


Chain Armor- Iron

Chain set, iron 70ql    2s
Chain set, iron 80ql    2s50c
Chain set, iron 90ql    5s


Plate helms: your choice bassinet or great helm, 90ql, 1s


Mining- Iron (pick up only)

90ql for 100 lumps 75c

95ql for 100 lumps 3s


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Bump, just had a customer remind me that while I am imping gear ingame I need to remember to keep the thread current. Which I shall try and remember to do ^_^

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