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Mycelium destroyed flower tiles

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[13:17:13] <Sandyar> Hello, CM responding to your support call 53753.
[13:18:12] <Baloo> yes hi
[13:18:38] <Sandyar> just pack the tile and cultivate then you can plant new flower
[13:19:01] <Baloo> the mycelium has gone from my deed, but so have all my flower tiles, which has destroyed my 2 path of love tiles + 1 tile of rare white dotted
[13:19:35] <Sandyar> once you have replanted it with flowers then love tile will return
[13:19:39] <Baloo> no - this should not have happened in the first place - i am so cross about this - devs should have tested properly and not felt so pressured to bring out new things all the time
[13:20:14] <Baloo> that is not the point - i should not have to fix mess created by an error on the devs part
[13:20:55] <Sandyar> please use forum for feedback about game mechanics, myselium cannot contain flowers thats why they gone
[13:21:06] <Baloo> not acceptable
[13:21:51] <Sandyar> devs read forum but not support tickets
[13:22:50] <Sandyar> the spell that caused this has been fixed so it no longer can be cast on pve servers
[13:22:59] <Baloo> ok - but my flower tiles should be replaced - and not by me !
[13:24:33] <Sandyar> i am sorry for your loss but it will not happen, none is going to come and plant the flowers for you
[13:30:19] <Baloo> typical - player loses out as usual

[13:31:22] <Baloo> thx anyway - now posting this entire thread on server bugs as you suggested

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