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Wood Bridge

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I started this post because I noticed an error message that isn't documented yet when trying to improve a bridge. I haven't got the exact relation nailed down though, and I since saw there's some useful info missing from the wiki already:


(Bridge type: wooden arched bridge, Carp skill: 98.736.)

  • Wooden bridges are repaired + improved with a plank.
  • You can use any ql plank to repair any ql bridge to remove 10dmg from that segment.
  • You can use planks of ql lower than the bridge segment to improve, but the QL gained is less.
  • Both repair and improve timers are fixed at 30s regardless of skill or ql of parts (haven't tried woa).
  • There's no chance of failure once the improve action starts. <- could use verification due to my skill.


My results


With a plank of ql 25.45, I can improve a 62ql section of bridge:


[01:58:39] QL = 62.09003, dam=0.0.

[01:58:39] It can be improved with a plank.

[01:59:05] You start to improve the Wood crown.


But with the same ql plank, I can't improve a 66ql section:


[02:00:07] QL = 66.06853, dam=0.0.

[02:00:07] It can be improved with a plank.

[02:00:09] You cannot improve the Wood crown with that item and your knowledge.


Practically speaking, you probably wouldn't want to anyway, since the ql gained from that first action was tiny (0.000236). However at lower qls you can still get reasonable improvements (i was gaining 3ql per action at 50ql bridge), and I don't know if the above error is more pervasive at lower skills.




I suspect that since the ql gained tails off as bridge ql goes up, the error message may just be occurring when your gain would be less than the smallest ql measurement stored for the item (e.g. 0.000001). I'm not really willing to burn through hundreds of planks to find out exactly though (used 40ish to get from 50ql to 62.09003).




To help with visualisation...



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