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WTA Nahjo Priest - Daario Naharis

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This might very well be the very first Nahjo Priest auction or sale in Wurm! So consider yourself a part of history right now.


Located on Independence at 19y, 34x on the community map: (G16 in game)


Skill Dump:


Skill Affinity: Fletching.


69.648 Faith

16.14 Meditation: Level 4 Path of Love: Warm (This means he has Refresh)

Comes with a Rowboat (This character can then sail himself to your home, without needing to be premiumed.)

Comes with a Magranon Statuette (This statuette is what Nahjo priests use.)

Comes with a Mirror. (So you can customize how he looks.)


Does not have a Village Teleport, a Referral or Premium Time left.


Starting Bid: 10s

Bid Increments: 1s

Reserve: Hidden

Sniper Protection: 1 Hour

No Buyout.

SNIPER PROTECTION ENACTED!: Auction Ends on Sunday, July 26 at 5:07am Mountain Standard Time:





Why the hell would I want a Nahjo Priest?:


Nahjo priests get the following awesome spells: Light Token, Aura of Shared Pain, Mend, Courier, Cure Light, Lurker in the Dark, Dominate, Dirt (Spell), Frostbrand, Mind Stealer, Wind of Ages, Life Transfer, Genesis and Strongwall. This priest is only .352 away from having all of those spells right away! That's two days of praying! Plus, Nahjo's sacrificial items are Alchemy items, which includes Healing Cover goods, which means this priest will receive a great deal of favor (1 favor per 10ql) from sacrificing Corn, Onions, Garlic and Pumpkins.


You will literally be able to cast Genesis and Strongwall within days!


The question isn't why the hell would you want a Nahjo Priest, but, why the hell wouldn't you want one?


What kind of name is Daario Naharis?:




A character from the series of novels called A Song of Ice and Fire, Daario Naharis is a Tyroshi sellsword and is one of the three leaders of the mercenary company known as the Stormcrows, who are active in the Slaver's Bay region of Essos. The Second Sons is a different company.

In the TV series, Daario says that he was the son of a prostitute in Tyrosh, who later sold him into slavery when he was twelve years old, and he was bought by a many in Tolos and trained for combat in the fighting pits, where he did very well and was freed upon his master's death in reward. No information at all has been given about Daario's past in the novels, though that also means that his backstory in the TV series doesn't contradict anything, and it is entirely plausible.

In the books, he is described as having dyed blue long curly hair and a matching dyed blue beard with three prongs, though he dyed his mustachios gold. He also has a gold tooth. His loud physical appearance is typical of Tyroshi sellswords, who have a reputation for being flashy and flamboyant. He wears a Dothraki arakh on his left hip and a Myrish stiletto on his right hip, their golden hilts custom-made in the shape of naked wanton women.


Daario states that he "count no day as lived unless I have loved a woman, slain a foeman, and eaten a fine meal".

As in the series, the Daario of the books is quite taken with Daenerys, and kills Prendahl so he can switch sides. He slays not Mero, but Sallor the Bald, the third captain of the Stormcrows. Mero is killed by Barristan Selmy when he attempts to kill Daenerys while she's hailed by the liberated Yunkish slaves.

In the show, Daario takes the role of Daenerys's champion against the champion of Meereen, instead of Strong Belwas. Also, Daario forms a friendly rivalry with Grey Worm, which is absent in the books.

Daario and the Stormcrows remain loyal to Daenerys, although her position grows worse with every passing day.

As a part of the peace agreement with Yunkai Wise Masters, Daenerys delivers them Daario and six more of her court as hostages. At the point the fifth novel ends, Daario and two others (Hero the Unsullied and Jhogo the bloodrider) are still held captive by the Yunkai. Ser Barrsitan Selmy has a plan to release them, but it is uncertain if they are still alive. In Daario's absence, the Stormcrows are represented at the ruling council by two seasoned sellswords named Jokin and the Widower.

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Congratulations to Vanyel. You are the winner of the Auction. Information will now be sent to you in game, as well as on the forums.

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