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We need some books now for our bookshelves.


By taking some leather (1kg) and some papyrus (20 sheets) you can make a book (Weight 2.5kg).  Books hold 20 pages worth of text in total when written in, they are written one page at a time (so essentially an array of papyrus sheets).  Reading a book works like reading papyrus, except that the menu has a subtree for page number.


Optional Extra: double clicking a book and then right clicking a bookshelf lets you store and retrieve the book from there.  This being the only non-inventory way to store books in a way that they won't decay.



So far so good, like most book suggestions, here is my unique twist.



Ideas : Whenever a player gets a rare roll for a skill they also gain an "idea" about that skill (a 0 weight item) that can be traded, but is lost if dropped outside of a player inventory.


These are useless on their own but when used on a book create a skill book for that skill which gives a different kind of effect based on the type of idea:


Rare rolls give "<Skillname> inspiration" which, when used on a book creates a "<Skillname> manual" which grants +50% skillgain in that skill for book QL*2 minutes.


Supreme rolls on a skill it creates a "<Skillname> insight", when used on a book creates a "<Skillname> guidebook" +100% skillgain in that skill for book QL*2 minutes.


Finally if a Superior roll is granted it creates a "<Skillname> trade secret" which can be crafted into a "<Skillname> tome" which grants an affinity for the skill on use.


ALL skillbooks are single use.

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