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Epic story of Priesthood

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Gather up, people!

I will tell you a story about travels and adventures, lands and seas, priests and monsters!


The Story of Epic Priesthood began few days ago, when my beloved wife Sein took our sail boat and travelled to see the volcanoes, on the west part of our continent Serenity...

I was busy with something in the village, so she went alone.

That day a thick mist fell down...
In that mist, Sein travelled too far to the south, and even reached the South Harbour on Serenity.
Due to bad weather, she passed along the volcanoes and didn't see them at all, thinking she is still somewhere near the north-western shores.

When she realized she is lost and very far from home ( and then she realized she forgot to take food with her :) ), she cried of help, and I rushed to find her.


I grabbed my best armor and weapons, took a small rowing boat, and sailed to one of the harbours on the western shore of our continent to meet Sein.
While I was waiting for her, I tried to entertain myself as I could - lighted a few fires, killed few beasts, tamed a brown bear.
You know, it's an old russian tradition you know - taming bears while you wait for someone.

They are great company when you are bored!

About an hour later, when Sein returned, we hid the sailboat near the western shore, and travelled back home.
But that's only the half of the story...  :)


Next day I fell asleep after the hard work in the village.
And Sein decided to go back to the sailboat and check if it's still there...


Somehow, she managed to miss all the local monsters, and arrived to the boat.
Then she thought 'Why not to try to reach Elevation?'..

Really, why not? :)
So she sailed off the coast to the ocean, in a small sailboat, heading in unknown direction to the lands she never seen...


After some time in the endless ocean, she finally saw the far shore of the other continent...

It was Elevation!


There Sein remembered my story about the Altar of Three Gods, located somewhere in the northern regions.
And she thought 'Why not to try to become a priest?'..

Really, why not? :)

It was a late evening, on the unknown shore of the unfamiliar Epic PvP continent...

The best time for taking a trip and doing something new, yeah.


So she saw a long white ray, coming from the ground up to the sky...
Then she sailed there all night, along the wild Elevation shoreline.

Hungry bears and sharks were swimming around all night...

In the morning, when Sein got closer to the light ray location, she saw TONS OF MONSTERS roaming the shores of the northern peninsula...
They all gathered around the Altar, looked like they are guarding it from unwary travellers...
Trolls, demons, bears, hellhounds, goblins, spiders - almost all kinds of monsters gathered there.


Sein tried to climb out of water to look around, but the shore was too steep...


Luckily, there were lots of lost horses swimming around that area...
And somehow Sein didn't think about what happened to their previous owners. :)
She thought "Yay! Free horses!!!"

So she caught one of the horses, mounted it and climber out of water.
Then Sein waited for the best moment, when some monsters move aside, and swiftly rushed to the Altar!


Unfortunately, (or luckily) only ONE hellhound noticed her...
And chased her of course...

Sein was wearing only thin leather armor, so by the time she reached the Altar - her horse was already dead, and Sein had some serious wounds...


She quickly activated the Altar of Three... and some inscriptions started to pop up, with some questions, warnings, etc.
At the same time the hellhound continued to chew her... tearing her armor and body apart...

Boosted by fear and adrenaline rush, Sein clicked everything she could click!
Then the Red Tunnel came, and Sein died.


A great luck - she managed to choose the correct resurrection point, and appeared in our village, back on Serenity.
Naked, frozen and hungry of course...

Everything she had was left far behind on the Elevation, near the Altar - like it was a sacrifice to the Gods - a price to become a Priest.


By that moment I woke up, and came to see what happened - her cries could wake up the dead...
Sein said: 'I think I just became a priest... i'm not sure though...'

So I told her to check her Favor - and yep, she had more Favor than a common Follower could ever have!
Somehow in the very last moment of her life - she clicked the last window and completed the Ritual.



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