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[Pristine]The Green Fox at Bashkin's Wharf (Boats, Meals, Misc)

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Hello and Welcome to The Green Fox

 There are a number of types of item for sale.  Prices are negotiable and subject to change.  Can COD, Deliver(for a fee), or pickup is quite easy, as we are on the community map and easily found in Blossom bay at ~11J on the coast.

I will also fill requests for masonry, pottery, and smithing.  QL's may vary.


Current Stock:


On short order for regular 21+ quality by the unit, or by the hundred at 1 Copper per for bulk orders, and 2 Coppers per for orders by the single unit. (Meals are 1.9kg+)
Enchanted meal stock, while updated frequently, is meant more as a baseline for delay estimation, and for shorter delays on smaller orders.
Enchanted Meals (10c per)
20.79QL O58
20.70QL O50
20.62QL O51
20.70QL O51
-Overweight- W=weight
22QL O74 2.05KG


Corbita 9s (1 in stock cedar)
Sailboat 1s (1 in stock lemonwood)
Rowboat 50c (2 in stock cedar oak)
Keyless Locked Rowboats: 45c (1 cedar)


Sleep Powder 1s (5 in stock)
Assorted resources available for negotiation upon request. (Mainly lumber, metal, and farmed goods.)
My two deeds, Bashkin's wharf and one fairly close by called The Odd Place, may be available for the right price. Main deedholder alt, is a fairly new vyn priest, also available with the deed. If interested, pm me, forums or ingame as kanashio.

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Bump, looking to sell both deeds a little more actively.  Baskin's Wharf is coastal and near Blossom and on the Community Map and the other one, The Odd Place is fairly close by.  Selling both for enough to get me started elsewhere, starting at 70s OBO, please send a message for more info.

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