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WTB information on Xana about public zinc, tin, copper veins

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Do you know the location of a few Zinc, Tin, or Copper veins and are somewhat near Vrock Landing area? A location I can get to from Vrock by Wagon within a couple hours is okay too.

I'll pay you to show me so I can mine them. Who much you ask? I tried to get an estimate on a fair price but was unsuccessful. How about per a vein: (I'm open to negotiation.)

* 2s for veins with prospecting message "Only a few weeks mining remain here"

* 1s for veins with prospecting message "The ore is starting to deplete"


If someone wants I can buy lumps of these type ores at 10i per lump. For now I want about (in lumps) 4k copper , 8k tin and 8k zinc.


I'll be away for a couple days so please be patient.



Note, I don't want to do business with these folks or alts of them:  Archaed, Pagani, Shadowwolf, Alyeska, Yuri, Gravitydog, Eladia, Ldrancer, Dangron, Ruger, Uberknot, lawurm, Kagrenac.

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