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Swimming, splashing sounds keeps playing.

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It´s perhaps an already known bug but since it´s the summer of bug fixes I´m making sure it´s getting some attention.



When you embark a ship or a cart from water or close to water the swimming or water splashing sound that was previously playing is stuck in an endless loop which makes the journey extremely loud and unpleasant.



It is easy to replicate by just parking a cart next to water, walk or swim in the water and embark the cart. You will hear the splashing sound forever or until you disembark and reembark.



Disembark onto dry land and reembark your cart, wagon, ship transporter or boat. The problem with boats is that if you are too far away from dry land and need to check the compass you have to jump in the water and when you get back on the boat you will be stuck hearing this endless loop of splashing.


Solution would be a proper stopsound command from these lines, alternatively give ability to bind stopsound to a hotkey.


You ride on the large cart as the driver.

You ride on the large cart as a passenger.

You ride on the ship transporter as the driver.

You ride on the wagon as the driver.

You board on the "[name]" as the captain.

You board on the "[name]" as a passenger.

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