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A bit of everything up for sale

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Good Evening Fellow Wurmians.


I am finally getting around to playing Wurm again and starting fresh. I have tons of stuff to sell and it will take me awhile to inventory. I will post items here in a list that I have I will try and list prices too however if no price is listed make me an offer or if you want to buy more than one thing you could also make me an offer.


Located Independence Q19 Sunstone Bay (next to New Tuscany Gardens) 43x 53y on community map. Free Collection, Cheap Delivery if distance is not too far (could do delivery for free if decent order). COD Postage on available items.


ITEM                    QL RANGE              QTY AVAILABLE           PRICE EACH


FORGE                    40-60                        21                               15c

COFFIN                   15-25                        18                                10c

OVEN                       40-64                        3                                  10c

BED                         10-45                        14                                 25c

FSB                         ~50                            4                                  10c

Oil Barrel                   46                             1                                 10c


DIRT                                                     >1000                               90c per 1k


BARLEY                   84                             381                               20c for the lot


WEMP PLANT          36                             400                               30c for the lot


Floor Loom             ~35                            2                                   15c

Floor Loom             70                              1                                   50c

Large Anvil             ~40                            3                                   15c

Small Anvil               40-50                        4                                   10c

Small Anvil               39                             1    (woa 42)                  45c

Hammer                   50                             2                                    10c

Carving Knife           15-36                        6                                   5c

Pickaxe                    50                             2                                    10c

Shovel                     53                             1                                    10c

Saw                         50                              4                                   10c

Mallet                      40-70                          2                                   10c

Carving Knife          25-36                          4                                   5c

Rake                        50-66                         2                                   10c

Spatula                    20                              4                                    2c

Spindle                    ~40                            9                                    10c

Press                       ~50                            2                                   10c

Rope Tool                 16-28                       8                                    10c

Needle                     ~20                            19                                 5c

Fishing Rod             42                             1    (coc 12 / unstrung)  20c

Fishing Rod             55                             18                                  30c

Fine Fishing Rod    ~50                            6                                    40c

Sauce Pan               ~50                           2                                    5c


Small Metal Sheild    60                            1                                    10c

Large Sheild             55                            1                                    10c

Hunting Arrow           52                            8                                     2.5c

Short Bow                 ~65                          48                                   45c

Maul                          30                           1                                     3c

Longsword                 ~28                         3                                  5c


Chain Boot                ~20                           1   (AOSP 8)                  10c

Chain Boot                ~30                           2                                    5c

Chain Gauntlet         ~30                            2                                    5c

Chain Sleeve            ~30                            2                                    5c

Chain Sleeve            51-54                         4                                   10c

Chain Coif                 ~60                           1                                    10c

Chain Jacket             ~20                            1                                   10c

Chain Pants              ~24                             1                                  10c

Chain Coif                 ~20                            1                                   5c

Chain Gauntlet          ~20                            2                                   5c

Cloth Glove               ~30                            4                                    2c


Ruby                        18                            1                                     2c

Yellow Potion            100                          11                                   20c


Furs                          36                            22                                  5i


Knarr                         50ql                         2                                   10s

Sailing Boat               50ql                         2                                   1s


Boat Optional Extras:

  • Large Crate   7c each


Some qls might be approx due to small amount of damage but where possible I will imp to stated qls before selling.


More coming soon - Like post to get a notification.


Offers Accepted


If for some reason you are mental and like clutter you can have the entire lot for 60 Silver which is a great bargain but you are responsible for collecting everything! (excluding optional large crates)

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Great to hear you will be back to playing again :D

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Edited by Ulost

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