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MrCoolMan's imping service [Deliverence Only atm]

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Only for Deliverence Only Atm. Moving Imp service, I Only roll out for a minium price 1s. But this is my current service i can help with.


Deli Only this is what i can help with.
   Coal-making: 62.644188
   Blacksmithing: 94.44397
   Jewelry smithing: 52.631832
   Shield smithing: 84.39004
   Chain armour smithing: 94.07234
   Plate armour smithing: 88.46767
   Cloth tailoring: 73.583534
   Leatherworking: 93.57078
   Masonry: 81.85683
   Stone cutting: 52.101974
   Natural substances: 86.54728
   Woodcutting: 90.904816
   Carpentry: 97.76246
   Fine carpentry: 97.08493


Thats on the road i can help with,

with that i can imp to

js 50: 40c with ur mats.


Woodcutting we make a price about =)

Same for coal making =)


ql 80 imp 40c,

ql 90 imp 1s. ( same as the qurrent above . )

ql 92 imp 2s ( fine carp only )

ql 92+ fine carp give me a pm and we chat.


Plate imping: QL 80: 2s QL:90 soon to come,


Drake: QL 80 : 2s   QL:85  3s QL:90 4s

Chain smithing: QL 80:2s QL85: 3s QL90:4s



Dyes i can make at ur place ur at my place, ill take 10c/kg regular up to 200 rgb , custom rgb 230+30c/kg


If ill make anything rare / supreme or fantastic so its on me, i have my deed on max rare chance.


U contact me me here or ingame at mrcoolman,

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10second of extra rarity timer, from enchanting (sacrificing), id guess.

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.Yup, and if ill make any thing rare or better so it happens =), no xtra charging here, things happens =) i want it  to be so, good customers should get best service.

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