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WurmOnline: Bug hunt and personal wish lists

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Which bugs (or "features" which you consider bugs) would you like to see worked on?

The intention of this post is to give the game developers an idea of what bugs/changes we (the players) would like to see. No rants, please provide feedback in a positive manner.

Let's keep the replies on topic and refrain from commenting on others opinions. Their opinions are their own, and they are entitled to them just as you are entitled to yours.


In no particular order...(will add more as they come back to me...please feel free to do the same with your posts)

  • Harvesting maple sap and milking cows both use a bucket, one overflows without any warnings while the other stops the action and gives a warning. This should be standardized.
  • Taste: Either give it a use or remove it from the game. Or at least reveal the idea/plan behind it.
  • Spawns (on Pristine at least) are off. Haven't seen unicorns or horses in over half a year. There's far fewer players (and I imagine far fewer captive bred animals) than there used to be. There are loads of bison, bulls, cows, etc spawning. I continue to cull all mobs I cross, so I don't "think" this is related to the non-aggressive cap otherwise we would see them spawning with all the cattle and such.
  • I'd like to see wooden short and/or medium spears added that could be used with a shield.
  • Ability to plant flowers on tiles and ensure they will not be overwritten by trees and bushes. (Example: Just move the flower tile status over to the grass indicator. So there could be flowers on the same tile as trees and bushes. aka we can have grass growing under trees now, why not flowers? Ability to cut flowers like grass therefore harvesting them would be a major bonus.) My wife may actually come back to the game if this happened. And the longer she plays, the longer I get to play. :P
  • Temporary buffs from meals made with meat from mobs. Example: Using anaconda meat grants body control buff. (This would add value to hunting for fresh meat as stored meat loses its information.)
  • Use salt on fish to cure and allow storage in FSBs
  • More interesting mobs would be nice. Anything D&Dish would be a plus in my book.
  • more to come...

Hopefully a dev will find value in some of what we post and make a list.

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Memory leak.


At this point I'm not sure if its a feature or not =D



Bugs/Possible bugs:


1. After a new day is reached on server characters aren't eligible for a faith gain via praying until first leaving world. 

2. Queuing a harvest after a sow results in the harvest action being ignored and not completed. 

3. Inability to unhitch outermost left animal from a wagon without having to unhitch all of the animals. 

4. When opening a sub-inventory window (by right clicking on a group/container and opening it while its in your inventory) you can't use an activate key bind on the items within. 

5. Restrict enchanted items from being accidentally put in BSBs/crates by adding a yes/no warning menu that pops up when you attempt to put them in (sort of like the BSB/Crate quantity window). 

6. Add a smart algo to the function "add to crafting window". ie: I have a cotton already on one side, but I want to work with a carving knife and a log now. I use my keybind to add the log, and then use my keybind to add the carving knife and the knife replaces the log instead of replacing the cotton. What in the world can I do with a cotton and a carving knife?

7. Bugged local lists where players appear to be in your local but really aren't after relogging.

8. Locked items bug when using the Elevation portal. Upon arriving to another server the item acts as if it isn't locked, but [10:04:06] The target item is locked but the lock could not be found. Rejecting move request. You can't use the key and unlock. 

9. Attempting to shield bash while switching stances in combat completely bugs out your shield bash ability. You can't bash again until leaving and reentering combat.

10. Intermittently getting a bug when embarking a wagon where all items on your screen disappear (structures too) and you can't move/disembark you just have to relog.

11. Invisible cart and invisible wagon bugs.


Added features that would be great:


1. Fish storage

2. A command to release a tamed animal from your control. 

3. Add a character name to the Wurm Online process name. Would make things easier when running multiple clients. 

4. Add an in-game way to change the name of tool belt layouts.

5. Change the layout of the tool belt menu so Save and Load aren't right next to each other, much like the skill tracker was changed. 

Will be adding some more as I remember them.

6. Allow the UI to be completely re-sized. Health bar, skill tracker, target window etc. 

7. Added an option to alphabetize spell lists in GUI settings.

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1) Re-evaluate shattering with active player feedback/participation

2) Allow having more than 1 tame creature

3) Fish storage of some sort

4) Saddle-bags (or small item storage on horses)

5) Towing boats

6) Creature spawn standardised

7) Push/Pull/Rotate non-blessed silver/gold altars

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Having the animals your leading getting stuck on buildings when rounding corners, and in walls of mines forcing you to dismount, and in most cases re-log because it's either stuck in the wall and can't be lead back out or you can no longer enter mine doors after sometimes with out a re-log(weird bug).  That is one of my biggest issues with the game, I hate having to be super careful every time I'm around buildings or risk having them all stuck on the corner of a building though fences seem to not cause the same issue.

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