WTS Potions

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All items CoD from Xanadu:


.28kg Red Dragon Scale - 20s


Oil of Armour Smith

96ql - 2.5s


Oil of Weapon Smith

98ql - 4s

94ql - 3.5s

94ql - 3.5s

94ql - 3.5s

93ql - 3.5s

93ql - 3.5s

92ql - 3.5s

87ql - 3s

87ql - 3s

84ql - 3s

79ql - 2.5s

72ql - 2.5s

71ql - 2.5s

61ql - 2s

60ql - 2s


Ointment of Stonecutting

98ql - 3s

98ql - 3s

80ql - 2.5s

80ql - 2.5s

76ql - 2s

70ql - 2s

53ql - 1.5s

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