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O-22 Xanadu Legendary Enterprises

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Looking for work? or an active village and alliance?

New to the game and looking for somwhere safe to bump your skills before setting out on your own?

Then come join us at Legendary Enterprises!

Not only do we have access to extensive forests, peat, clay and tar, we also share a sizable mine with the nearby Metal Works just across the river.

At Legendary Enterprises the only thing expected of you is that you follow our rules, they are simple;

Don't Steal

Be respectful

And don't start fights with other villages or you are on your own.

Not only does joining us here give you the oppertunity to work with a very large local alliance of preists, shipwrights, miners, builders, farmers and more, it also provides you with the option to earn money helping on contracts.

While its still on the drawing board public housing will be built soon.

If interested PM me or TsubasaLegend in game.

Interested in trade? Please see our advert in the Merchant Adds Section

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I am a returning player looking for a bit more of an active community. Is the deed on the water? Currently I have been doing ship building and fishing. I am a pretty casual gamer though.

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