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Wrought Iron Railing/fences

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Warning, I ramble and my different thoughts came as I was writing this...sorry so long!!


The most enjoyable aspect of Wurm for me is my horses, and building, creating, planting!


Now that we have those wonderful new walls to work with; especially the Stone O's with ivy;... I would so love to embellish my porches with a delicate, wrought iron railing/fence. For that matter in creating a formal garden with more fine detailed fences and rails would be awesome. Also, when building the existing wooden fence, (when it is in the unfinished mode) I would like to be able to flip the direction of the fence leaning downwards, as to corner a walk with a plant inside the tile. 


Overall, things to design and create new looks is always welcome, as well as new furniture pieces. 

Because I don't know what goes into the graphic files, how complex it is...not sure if they would consider going back to the finished pieces looking like the wood we want it made out of. I love when the fsb had that dark cherry finish, type thing.  It would be nice to see this with any piece of fine the wood bench reflecting the type wood it is made of.


Paving choices:  if they could have a curved finish added like the "pave nearest corner"  only be able to flip clockwise/counterclockwise to manipulate where it to allow the meandering path to be created.....


And.....please make the clothing, fabric items etc.. enabled to dye the color we want..and actually have it show up that way?  ^.^    I get tired of wearing my leather attire and would like to slip into some cool comfortable cotton wear..but oh I hate yellow! the sleeves are cute but I hate the colors...if I could just dye them my favorite colors I would be so happy :)


thank you for reading the rambling thoughts of a crazed Wurm fan.....I hope maybe they will consider giving some of these options a try ^.~


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