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In regards to daggers and the like...

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More knife types, especially fighting-oriented, have come up off and on in Suggestions, and unfortunately the last thread on the topic is apparently too old to post in again. Personally I'm all for adding more variety ingame: foodstuffs, flora 'n fauna (especially in caves), and whatever.

Sure people fighting with just knives on purpose is kinda something of a myth. When one plans to pick a fight they usually make sure they have weapons with longer reach. Not to mention friends with like weapons... and heavy artillery... and dogs... with air support...

Still knives could not be beat for portability and conceal-ability, not to mention all the other uses one could use a knife. Was pretty common for almost everyone to be packing one around for meals or whatever.

Come to think of it, slightly funny story around the origins of the table knife, a French king didn't want his guests to stab each other during meals, so he had knives placed that were rounded off and heavily blunted. Another story puts the origin even earlier so a fellow's guests wouldn't pick their teeth at the table. Anyways, I digress... all kinds of specialty designs out there and throughout history.

While watching an anime I was reminded of one relative-period usage in particular, especially for thrusting designs. For poking around in the places where plate cannot cover, especially the eyes and armpits. Stilettos and daggers in particular ingame could have a decent chance of completely ignoring helm protection on the eyes, depending on skill (still kinda silly that a troll club could get in there, heh. Still blunt force head trauma is nasty stuff). Not to mention gaps in other places.

Course shorter weapon range would be required; though, on the flipside a knife would not suffer from being up close as say existing ingame weapons.

Faster speed perhaps; though, the current swing timer on even an un-maxed weapon is already at the coded minimum, so tricky there balance wise

Less stamina drain.

Damage would be capped, not sure at what exactly.

EDIT: maybe smaller weapons can ignore the offhand nerf - even shortswords, small mauls, and hatchets

Depending on the knife design, some cutting edge needed, could still be used as other existing designs ingame just not as well, as per the current mechanics.

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Natural substances skill used to create poisons which can be applied to a dagger. When applied, examine the weapon to view the strength of the effect, similar to an enchantnent.

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