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I just got this newsletter in my email so i don't think that suggestion post is going to matter any seems the 12th is set in stone. 






It's time! It was almost a year and a half ago that Tich decided to start coding a system for building bridges in Wurm.

After a final push from the rest of the team of debugging things such as collision and movement issues we're ready to release them for you to play around with.

So, on Tuesday the 12th we're updating the servers with the following new features:



You can build a wide arrange of flat or arched bridges, even onto houses!



No longer do you have to climb up and down trap doors. Instead, enjoy the new stairs!

Boat models


We finally manage to get these out the door:)


Welcome to check out these new features of Wurm and explore all the other things that may have changed since you last visited us. Hope to see you on Tuesday!

The Wurm Online Team


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There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. But then that has already started and nothing has been released to wail about. The drama has started.  :rolleyes:

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Funny, I still have yet to get the email newsletter! But thanks for posting for others. Awesome that Massively Overpowered picked up on the story!

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