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Hello. I am a mac user of Wurm online. I use Mac OS X Yosemite, ver 10.10.2. There is a game-breaking glitch, where if I fire a bow, or a bow is fired around me, it instantly causes the game to crash. This is especially annoying during unique monster hunts, where many people are using bows. My Wurm  client is 3.86. Please find a solution, or if there are existing solutions to prevent this, or any other compatibility issues with Mac OS X Yosemite, please inform me. There is an error with the file: <javax.vecmath.Vector3f.setZ(F)V>

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There is a fix for the Mac archery crash. Ot appears Macs have an outdated Java3D, here is how to fix it:









  • Wurm crashes by method setVector~
  • When someone shoots an arrow or catapult is firing


If you have similiar problems, use the following fix.


I've found the fix that worked in my case. It seems mac comes with none or outdated java3D.


I had to download java3D version 1.5.2 and manually put it into java.


java3D  -


Go to

~Library/Internet Plug-ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin


Right click > Show package contents


Go inside to 



Put here the files:



This is OsX only problem it seems. There is a problem with version of libaries as OP says. More tech info below:

from StackOverflow:


"Check if Apple's out-dated Java 3D version 1.3 is installed in System/Library/Java/Extensions/ on your Mac. Remove all Java 3D 1.3 related files including vecmath.jar (jar, jnilib), they are useless."


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