Village of Tirion recruiting

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I am one of 3 founders of Village of Tirion, It is located in SE Xanadu, coords T 22.


We are looking for active players, who are or plan to go premium.


Our village got access to following for villagers:

  • Fully operational Tavern with free beds, oven always stocked with meals.
  • Guild Hall with all tools you may need to craft and grind different skills before you settle down.
  • Great, always evolving mine with full map and every mineral available for mine.
  • Support from experienced, multi-skilled village founders.
Challenges for new villager:
  • Terra forming for own space or chose prepared areas.
  • Acceptable multi tasking, yet single skill mastering preferable.
  • Absence over 1 month is not acceptable - only looking for long term players.
  • Preferable playing time in East, Central and Western Europe afternoons and nights, sometimes mornings.
If you are interested and looking for your own place to settle down - please email me (Khemi) or PM in game one of village founders:


Mornieohtar, Dmaniac, Khemi


EDIT: Village photos added 20 July 2015


Sea View to Village of Tirion placed on T 22 Penninsula.


Shipyard and docks with our tiny fleet.


Bridges training ground and Collosus Island.


City Centre with Tavern on left, Warehouse in middle and Guildhouse on Right.


Tavern view from village centre.

Tavern and its interior.

Tavern bar and fireplace.

Tavern got planty of space for guests and travellers to sleep in.

Warehouse is not yet full.


Guildhouse view from village centre.


Guildhouse interior centre with forges and some usefull tools.


Guildhouse 1st floor.


Church / Temple is still building ground.

House of Dmaniac - our Nature Lord. Woodshoop, Farm, Stables - you name it - Dmaniac is the master.


Nature Lord Dmaniac House again from different angle.


Mad Dwarf Khemi Residence.


Menegroth Mines main entrance leading through Mad Dwarf Forges. Very dangerous. Not recommended for players with weak psyche.


Mad Dwarf Khemi Forging Hall - all shiny but not yet as desired.


Mines corridor - this is just tiny part of labirynth. there is a map given to long time players. Even with long wide corridors may be easy to be lost.


Mines entrance.


Menegroth Mines armoury in assembly stage.


Menegroth Mines barracks - just got beds delivered.


Village Founder Mornieohtar Castle - Warrior and Leatherworker.

Rice Fields.


Four large Farms protected with walls and gatehouses. No monsters no unwanted visitors.


Farms interiors.


Plenty of space for new villagers to settle down and build their houses.


Towers will always help. Very often we got Trolls visitors.


Tree Farms.


Edited by Khemi

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bump - Still looking for Villagers

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Trying to get in contact with Mornie..can ya help?



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