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WTS 6 Horses [Xanadu]

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Today I would like to put the horses that we have, which we do not wish to use for breeding up for sale. None of the horses comes with bad traits. Positive traits that do not fit the speed or war category do not count towards the price. 


These horses are bred by our Fo priest Mirabloodarc. Venerable horses come with a carer, in order to ensure you not paying for an already dead horse. 


Delivery for these horses is possible anywhere to Xanadu. Up to 4 horses can be transported at once.


Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one or multiple of the horses :) 

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I am looking for 5 speed horses. As they are a gift i would prefer them young and white, as well as a black set. do you have anything that fits the bill?

what are the traits and colors?

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