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WTS QL90 mallets, spindle, spatula, clay shaper, oakenwood, and more, WoA/CoC enchanted

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Delivery via Cash On Delivery mail (buyer pays postage/mailing fee, 10c same server, 20c cross server),

or pickup on Independence C24 (ingame map, Ussta Delmah, on north-east island),

or pickup on Independence E24 (ingame map, Targoviste/Three Lanterns, north-east main land),

or free delivery for orders of 10s and up,

or delivery by agreement.

Enchantments are,

W = Wind of Ages (WoA), tools are faster to use, shorter timers,

C = Circle of Cunning (CoC), increased skill gain when used to work with.

1) mallet, oakenwood, QL90.52, W54, C35 - 1.1s

2) mallet, oakenwood, QL90.51, W70, C72 - 1.4s Sold.

3) mallet, oakenwood, QL90.51, W73, C40 - 1.3s

4) spindle, oakenwood, QL90.52, W62, C47 - 1.3s Sold.

5) clay shaper, oakenwood, QL90.53, W77, C59 - 1.3s

6) spatula, oakenwood, QL90.50, W70, C48, 1.3s

7) dredge, QL90.01, W99, C79, 2.5s Sold.

(all dredges default to birchwood, because they don't actually have wooden components but improve like carpentry items)

8) fine fishing rod, oakenwood, QL90.50, C84, 2.5s (cannot be mailed, no effect for WoA)

Planning on adding more carpentry-made tools, feel free to PM if you need anything specific. I also like building ships (all).

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Added spatula and clay shaper. Adding a dredge with w99/c79 as soon as I inched it to QL90 :).

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Dredge to Sirdirty

Dredge has been sent. I'm sorry it took so long, I went to bed an hour before you posted.

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