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You scratch yourself. What did you catch now?

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I seem to remember coding being added which would resolve the issue of becoming diseased when riding a cart and/or wagon. (When wagons were implemented)

After spending roughly 30 minutes on my cart with two hitched horses I am getting "You scratch yourself. What did you catch now?"

This wasn't an issue again until recently.


As such, I thought I better check my four hitched bison on my wagon, and they are also diseased. (Front passenger and rear driver side bisons are diseased if it helps)


I also had 8 fresh five speed horses die on enchanted grass while hitched by two's to carts.

The carts were parked three tiles away facing a building, which left one additional tile in between the horses and the building.

When the horses died (they were mature by the way), their corpses appeared in the building, 3 tiles ahead from where they were hitched.

This leads me to believe there is a positional issue and they starved to death.


I've also had hell horses disappearing and/or dying when hitched to a wagon parked on enchanted grass.


All within the last month.


I thought I better mention it, so someone could look into it.

Feel free to contact me and I would be happy to show you the area which I am describing.


P.S. I'm not looking for any compensation. Just letting you know what I have experienced.

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A friend of mine from Xanadu had some problems that resembled some of yours:


Hitched animals and animals that were inside a fenced aread would "teleport" outside of that fenced area, even if hitched to a cart. They could be found walking around the deed for no apparent reason.


(I'm sure it was not a troll or anything.)


I'll try and get him to post here so he could give better info.

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I have seen both of those issues in the past three weeks.


Three weeks ago visited a deed and a pair of foals borne to females hitched to a cart (with the cart and horse team at least 3 tiles from nearest fence in front of and behind of them), the foals were found wandering around the deed outside of the fenced in enclosure containing the carts to which the mares were hitched (but inside the deed itself).


Last week visited that same deed again and found one of the hitch mares was diseased and it had gone thru two of its 5 fat layers, inspite being on enchanted grass.  I spoke with the owner and got permission to unhitch the teams and placed the diseased horse into his isolation paddock, with a nice pile of grass.


Footnote:  The diseased and not eating horse was a cared for Venerable.


Thank Tuanta for opening this topic.  This is probably a bug the Dev's should look into.


Respectfully submitted,

Hughmongus, at Albia Marina on Indy


edit: added Foot note

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Horses (or any other animals) hitched to a cart/wagon/tent for extended periods of time, without being moved/unhitched, will become bugged - they cannot be examined (will say you are too far to do it), they stop eating regardless of being on grass/crops/steppe/enchanted grass, and cannot be manually fed (again, will say you are too far away to do that).


This can also lead to disease sometimes, and surely to death if they are not unhitched or the vehicle moved a couple tiles.


I've encountered this situation many times, abandoned carts with hitched bisons or horses, and even some of my own horses were bugged when I left them hitched for about 10 days on one of my deeds.

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After a while of hunting in a cart I contracted some sort of Disease. I'm assuming it's a bug at least since I thought I read that it was fixed some months back...?

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