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WTS Tapestries, all kinds!

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Magic City is ready to offer you Tapestries!!!!


We have all tapestries available for purchase, at least 2 of each are currently in stock, and more are being made.


Our tapestries are available for: delivery, pick up, or merchant purchase.


Which tapestries do we have? All of them!!!  Check it out!!!





(Note: Beige and Orange tapestries are not shown in this picture, but are equally available for you!)



We are currently selling them at the spectacular price of 20c each! WOW!!!!


What do we currently have in stock?


Green            3

Beige             3

Orange         3

Festivities   3

Kyara             3

Faeldray      2

Cavalry         3


More stock is always being added.  Place an order if we don't have what you need and we can prioritize your order!


What are you waiting for?!?


Deliveries (priced per order regardless of quantity!)

- Exodus delivery: FREE!!

- Celebration or Deliverance delivery: Only 50c per order for delivery!!

- Independence or West Xanadu delivery: Just 1s delivery!

- East Xanadu, Pristine or Release delivery: Simply add 1.5s for delivery!


OR you can pop by to pickup anytime! We have tapestries available in our merchants, located conveniently in Magic Mall!  They are on duty 24/7 waiting for you!


PM Seedlings or Hypamania for questions/orders, or visit us at Magic City

D-21 on the in-game map, or visit X:37, Y:8

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