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Moonlight is recruiting!

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I'm looking for 1 - 2 people to come join me on my fresh deed on deli.


Lots of work needs to be done still. You'll get a fairly large area to do with as you please. I do expect/want you to help out with deed projects.


Currently we are only a size 21x21 deed but we WILL expand once this area is setup.


I have two chars there right now, One is focusing on shieldsmithing, weaponsmithing and blacksmithing. The other is focusing on farming, animal husbandry and cloth tailoring.


I'd love for some people interested in different skills to join. I don't care if you're new/old though I'd like a little experience with the game.


I have the aim to turn this village into a bulk seller. So making stuff like bricks, mortar etc.


If you're interested or want more details PM me on here and tell me the skills you focus on and a bit about your current skills.

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