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Search forums Before posting. This been suggested so many times we all lost Count. Isnt it even ingame already?


While it may have been posted before (I'm not sure as no, I didn't scour the forums before making the suggestion) it never hurts to call attention to a feature you'd like to see in-game again, as I'm guessing the other post(s) about saddlebags were probably not very recent as I didn't see them after browsing through quite a few pages of suggestions.


And yes, it would be nice to see horses being able to use saddlebags and still be ridden, I figured that they might be more amenable to the idea if the coding was simpler, i.e. turning the horse into a "container" of sorts. And also, I think if you are able to ride them as well then the functionality of the packs should be very limited, otherwise it just kind of nullifies the use of other containers.

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