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I'd like to see some map enhancements for the ingame map:


1. Increase the resolution and add at least one more zoom level.

2. Allow for drawing lines and naming the lines, so it shows on mouseover.

3. Allow the creation of more maps, that we can name for specific projects and separation of current maps (village, alliance, personal).

4. Make all maps "layers" that we can select (check box for each layer) if we want to view just some or all annotations.

5. Allow personal and custom maps to be shared with others - add names to the map, like mine door permissions. Village and alliance map layers should require special permissions for sharing, or not sharable at all.


6. This is a bit out there, but how about a "Cartographer" skill, that increases the more you travel, allowing you to literally build a map dump, a few tiles at a time.  At skill 1, you can "reveal" a small radius of map dump on your personal map AND can only do so once every minute.  At higher skill, the radius increases and the cooldown timer shortens significantly.  Would love to just travel all over Xan, mapping it.  I could see this being a real issue for PvP though, so probably make it a PvE only skill.


Yep, we can always do screen shots and then use editor programs, then photo sharing programs, or cloud collaboration programs...  but I am interested in making a solution that is part of the game, to help enable community project planning.  It also becomes a great way to show new players where resources are and where they are.  It would make trade easier, being able to draw out the best route for someone to make a delivery.  It will make public hunts easier to attend.


As always, please add more useful ideas that would improve the map.


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