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Job Filled *Close*

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Job Filled! Thank you everyone!



Deed: Tombstone  L15 (in-game) or X20 Y27 MAP


I'm looking for someone with 55+ in digging. We're looking at roughly 3k dirt to store and I simply don't have the time to do it. Paying in silver since we're keeping the dirt for a future project.


Here are some details:

  • Amount: 3k +/- (Stop @ 4k dirt)
  • Price: 1 Silver per 1k dirt (Estimated Pay: 3-4 Silver)
  • Storage: Locked BSBs (will place when ready)
  • Depth: Below Water Level

While there ARE rock tiles that will prevent one from leveling the bottom of this small canyon, there is no need to worry about those tiles as I'm able to surface mine them from that point forward. Also, the roads are to be left alone here as they are frequently traveled and one is a main highway. Stay 1 tile away from all roads with this project. Contact me either on the forums or in-game (Mykael).


Image Included:


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