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Sold Please Close - WTS - Deed - Pristine - Viper's Vantage

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Viper's Vantage Deed

For Sale

Size: 39x29
Location: Pristine (X9,Y7) (S11 in game map)
On the edge of the desert but close to the shore to the south.
Has a mine connected to deed but currently not on deed which contains multiple marble veins, as well as silver and iron veins.
Building list includes:
1 6x5 5 story Stone Chapel
1 8x6 Stone storage building
1 5x5 wooden storage building
2 3x3 wooden houses, 1 2 story
1 4x4 wooden house 2 story
1 5x4 warehouse 2 story wood/stone
small farm with gatehouse
8x7 pasture
60QL Guard Tower on deed
Rare stone Vyn altar
3 mailboxes (65, 66, 81 Courier casts)

Entire deed is walled in and surrounded by Cedar and Maple trees.
Will be leaving behind many items, materials, and forges.

Pics available here:

Asking 20S for all as is May negotiate price. Contact Ntxtreme in game or on Forums. Edited by Ntxtreme

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Bump! Amazing deed! Nice buildings prebuilt, not to mention that rare stone Vyn altar!

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