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archdale pass carpentry. exodus

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fine carpentry (wood of choice) can make any fine carpentry items

70ql 30c

80ql 40c

90ql 1s


70ql 30c

80ql 40c


Transporters will be over 50ql

Ship transporter 1S

Wagon 1S

Pick up

Non mailable items

Archery target 50c

Floor boards 5c Ea

Support beam 4c EA

Small Crate 5c EA

Large Crate 15c EA

Tailoring & Ropemaking

Sails will be 30+ql

Triangular sail 30c

Small square sail 30c

Square sail 30c

Rugs will be 50ql

Meditation rug 50c

fine meditation rug 60c

Beautiful meditation rug 70c

Exquisite meditation rug 1s

Random ql

Banner 20c

Kingdom banner 20c Freedom islands

Flag 20c

Kingdom flag 20c Freedom islands

Tabard 10c

Sheet of cloth 5c


Cordage rope 10c Ea

Mooring rope 2c EA

Rope 50i EA

Thick rope 20c EA

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