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Tombstone Recruitment

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Tombstone is a decent sized deed (32x66) which is just south of Poolsclosed (using this map - south of Spawn Lake and Poolsclosed, Tombstone IS marked on this map.) nestled on the edge of the Steppe. Currently we have two Spirit Templars guarding the deed accompanied by one (4 guard) guard tower. We have limited availability as we're only looking to take 4 premium members and 1 or 2 more non-premium members at this time. This deed has already been designed using a deed planner but we're still under construction (That's Wurm! lol). You are not required to pay anything to be a part of our village, however we do have some rules.



  1. No Terraforming on-deed. (we have nearby locations off-deed that will need work)
  2. Be kind and courteous to others.
  3. 18+ yrs of age.
  4. No theft - auto remove and kos.
  5. Do what is asked - we don't ask much.


Premium members can get up to 24 tiles in pre-defined area's located on deed. Plus an additional 15 tiles for personal farmland (not shown here).




Non-Premium members have 8 tiles with public fields for farming.



Here's a few pics:








If you're interested in joining us, we have a couple of ways you can contact us.

  • Forums - Msg me, Mykael (I'll try to check every evening).
  • In-Game - Msg either Mykael or Rayven.

I'm usually not on a lot during the week but Rayven is so feel free to give her a shout.


Edit 2-27-15: Working on modifying Non-Premium area to allow for a few more people.  3-1-15 Completed

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Farmers are welcome, we have expanded to a secondary deed to handle most of our farm land and some horses so we will need at least two people to help with that deed. Even if you're new to Wurm, join our growing community.


Secondary Deed Expectations include:

  • General Deed Maintenance.
  • Keeping animals fed.
  • Constant farming to support our larger deed.
  • Active Players

Secondary Deed perks:

  • Your own custom Home (on designated plot).
  • 25 Tile plot for personal use (including house tiles).
  • First pick of animals bred on the new deed.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Nevermind didn't read first post closely enough :)


Good luck

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Still have openings! OP updated to reflect all changes thus far. :D

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Sorry to get your hopes up, I have found a settlement, good luck in your search!

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