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unlimited people in one bed

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What happened:

Did tear down an old villagers house, was not used for nearly 2 years, the bed was on the second floor, dunno if that player did use that bed bevore his vanishing. So i started to use that bed.


What you expected to happen:

Did dual client with my main + priest, and ended up logging out my main and my priest in the same bed, did realize that the next day since both were in the same house when logging in.


I did test, drain both their sleep bonus, wrote down how much they have, the ammount after sleep, both received the same ammount of SB from using this bed.


When a char uses this bed, the message, that its spirit is using it, wont show at all.


Loading/Unloading didnt "debug" the bed.


Steps to reproduce: 

No idea.


It is located on Indy: Moonlight Marina, S18 at coast, in the Inn, the one bed with the sign "unlimited people can fit in".


What should i do? Just chop it up? Keep using it? Lock it up? :)




*edit: when using other beds, Kamie does use the beds and blocks them for other to use

**edit: it takes dmg when used like normal beds do, i didnt check if the dmg doubles if more than 1 person uses it

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Remember someone telling me that the bed is only "in use" if you need sleep bonus so this may be what happened if one had 5 hours of sleep bonus.

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I have a bed someone gave me, that also allows for  more than one to sleep in  it, now all my toons have own beds but I felt it was odd.
Edit: the bed is rare.

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After 5hrs of sb is gained, one should be kicked out of the bed.

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