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WTS 50+QL Meditation Rugs, Tapestries, Sails, Bardings and Bricks / Mortar

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Welcome! I am currently selling a variety of Meditation Rugs, Fine Meditation Rugs, Bricks, Mortar, Sails, Horse Barding, etc. I'm Paypal verified or in game currency accepted.


** Delivery is available at 3c per tile travel. My location is O 21 / 22 on Xanadu and accessible by all modes of travel for pick up. Items can also be sent COD to toon of your choice. COD paid by buyer.**


Prices are based on QL, time / actions and materials (kg) needed. I am in game more often than on the forum so response can be done either here or in game to Percefonie.


**If you need / want a lower QL, no problem. Just let me know for re-negotiation. 




**Tapestries are available and I will be getting them on here with pictures. They come with a Tapestry Stand for display and can be 'pushed' against / into a wall to give the appearance of a wall hanging too. ALL Tapestries are 50c.



Meditation Rugs                           50 QL minimum  25c - use for meditation

FINE Meditation Rugs                  50 QL minimum  50c - used for meditation but gives better chance of getting question

BEAUTIFUL Meditation Rugs       50 QL minimum  50c - used for meditation and gives best chance of getting question





Small Square Sail                        50 QL minimum 25c

Triangle Sail                                50 QL minimum 25c

Square Sail                                  50 QL minimum 50c  - Largest 

*Cordage Ropes also available if needed for boat rigs*


                                                                                                                   CLOTH  BARDING ( horse / mount battle dress )


Cloth Barding                               50 QL minimum 50c

The bardings are blue with red highlights and very regal looking. These can be made at 50+ QL minimum or lower if you just want it for the look



                                                                                                                        SHEETS  ------->    (QL varies upon creation and cannot be improved) 

1 sheet                                         5c

5 sheets                                       10c

10 sheets                                     20c

25 sheets                                     50c

50 sheets                                      75c

100 sheets                                    1s

Available in higher increments as well if needed


                                                                                                                 STONE BRICKS 

100                                                30c

500                                                1s

1K                                                  2s



100                                               50c

500                                               1.5s

1K                                                 3s



Thank you!


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