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CANCELED, CLOSE PLZ - Transmutation Liquid in Vial(Christmas 2009 Gift)

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Item is located at J11, Xanadu
This item is Original full size, and QL, with no damage.
Transmutation liquid was given out by Santa to all premium players who visited him during the week of Christmas 2009. 0.14kg of it comes in a 60QL glass flask, which can hold .25kg of liquid total. The 99QL liquid loses weight per use, however it may not be apparent it has lost weight because it appears to lose amounts less than 0.01kg or a random chance to lose between 0.01kg and 0.02kg.

More Info if you view the Wiki Link above!



Starting bid: 2s
Min. Increments: 50c
Sniper Protection: 2hrs
Reserve: 2silver, :P
Buyout: 10s


I will COD items, or pickup from J11 Xan.

Happy Bidding!




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