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30-40 QL Leather Armour, Tools, Horse Gear, Rugs, and More!

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Have a selection of items for sale, eithr for CoD, or to pick up. Prices are negotiable (still learning the economy)

Our deed is called Radiant Garden and is located in the upper left corner of G-25, near Summerholt.



Items in Stock




Studded Leather Armor set, 30 QL - 50c

17 Bridals, 30 QL - 10c each

3 Saddles, 30 QL - 20c each

3 Brown Bear Rugs, 30 QL - 20c each

1 Black Wolf Rug


What we can make:

40QL horse shoe sets - 20c per horse shoe, 80c for a set (of 4)

Tools/weapons up to 40 QL of your choice for 20c each


In about a week I will have some hell horses and 5 speeds for sale so check back!

Self serve pens coming soon!







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