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Few suggestions

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I've been playing for a month and so far I'd like to suggests :


1. Oven and Furnace should make  ashes . Its not logic that they dont .


2. Horses should be able to drag cart small or large and wagon more faster.

   Its not logic that you struggle as you get attacked on cart or wagon. I mean

   4 horses dragging a wagon should be fast.. horses are strong.


3. Tool rack , because its a pain to put tools in chest


4. More animals like llama or goats , so we could have goat milk and make clothing from llama.


5. Body control is so hard to get at 21 .. maybe you could make it more easy

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Coal piles give tons of ashes.

Horse gear is enough to outrun most mobs.

Weapons racks can hold most tools, or use a coffin.

New animals i'm all for.

21 BC can be gained from stratch in a couple of hours with sleep bonus, once its done its a trivial grind by comparison.

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