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Fritz' all Carpentry store and maintainance service

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Besides others i am a Legendary Architect and Master of Fine Carpentry, Bowyery, Toys, Shipbuilding, Fletching and Woodcutting


I reside on the north shore of Mist Lake, which is at 58x 19y on Independence.
Feel free to come by anytime for imps or to collect your order.

Prices do not include the cost of mailing.



Carpentry and Fine Carpentry

(usually oak)

QL70.5: 30c
QL80.5: 50c
QL90.5: 1.3s

QL91.0: 1.7s

QL92.0: 2.5s

QL93.0: 3.5s

QL94.0: 4.5s

QL95.0: 5.5s


Mallets and Yoyos

QL70: 10c
QL80: 20c
QL90: 30c

QL95: 1s



(Willow, any size, usually with ql 90+ string)

QL70.5: 50c
QL80.5: 60c
QL90.5 and above: same as carpentry +50c


QL70+: 70c

QL80+: 1s

QL90+: 2s



mailable, but server will charge for container and every 2kg - max mailing fee is 1.10s (2.20s across servers)

QL50+: 5c/kg
QL70+: 10c/kg
QL80+: 25c/kg

QL90+: 50c/kg



QL90: 12c

QL95: 50c

Improving Existing Items
If you prefer to have your own items improved, you can either deliver or mail them and I will improve them.

Reimprovements will usually take about a day depending on workload.

Pricing as above (This doesnt count on instant high ql items like mallets).

If you mail them, please make sure to rename with recipient and desired quality. Mailing costs are yours.

Pick up at Mist Lake is free ofc, 10c mailed to anybody on Independence, otherwise 20c.

Long Bows, fishing rods and other large objects can not be mailed. Check the Silent Hill trader at FM for goods also.
// ---fix the mailing system!---


Improving stationary items and Housplanning

Pricing as normal improvments, travel-fee depends on your location / travel time.

I can and will plan houses with up to 99 carpentry required



Are available; please contact me for details as high casts might require some time.



power 1-49: 0.5c/power

power 50-79: 1c/power

power 80-89: 1.5c/power

for completeness (not on demand)

power 90-99: 2c/power

power 100+: 3c/power


How Do I Order?
PM me, post in this thread or send Herrfritz a /tell.



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really awesome guy

cant wait to start imping with the logs i got, probably will be back to get some more soon :)

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