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Sound notification in chat

Chat Sound  

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A simple thought: Wouldn't it be nice if a custom* sound notifications were added to the in-game chat?


* - by custom I don't mean the sound itself, but the situation in which would it occur. By default it should be turned off completely (so it won't disturb those who prefer current silence) but in sound settings there would be an option to enable sound when:

- Message appears in currently selected  tab.

- Message appears in any tab.

- New PM tab is open.

- Message appears in any existing PM tab.

- (if possible) Message appears in specific tab (some would like to know what's up on Global, some would like it on CA Help etc.).


I guess it's a little utility many of us would appreciate. Especially those who are as oblivious to unexpected PMs as I am ;)

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So, WurmAssistant. We already have that


Some 3rd party program, I presume? Well, I'll take a look at that. Thanks.

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