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BL vs FO priest

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He posted a pretty rash statement demanding that Fo was overpowered and needed nerfing. You're gonna get your head bitten off by people if you make such heavy claims with no adequate evidence.


Well, the thread author did explain tests had been conducted (though not by him). Additionally, he put this up for discussion before posting a suggestion (from what I can make of his second post).


It'd be like if you were a damn good weapon smith and someone new to weapon smithing comes along and says "This skills overpowered, needs nerfing." You'd be just as frustrated.


I imagine I would be frustrated in that scenario, given it would come across as envy of hard-earned progress. However, the two scenarios don't look exactly alike. And either way, self control is a virtue, and not lashing out unless it would prevent something believably harmful good guideline to live by (inb4 "OMG caerbear lulz").


That all being said, I don't mean to come across as though I'm grabbing for the last word or something, but I can't help but feel someone's on the verge of jumping in to say "OMG quit fighting and let the thread die" or a moderator might say we've hijacked the topic, so it might be best to drop it. That, and while I get your point that people need to think carefully before they say anything about game-changing nerfs/buffs and understand your thinking is that the natural backlash tends to teach that lesson, our takes on the thinking behind this thread and what warrants a scolding tone aren't the same.

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so, we recently had 7-8 players from BL leave, to go become FO priests... because their testing on the test server provided results that every time, in pvp situations, fo priests would come out on top.

1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3.


fo priest always came out on top because of oakshell.


OAKshell alone, is a game changer.


i think an AOE dispel needs to be added into the game, cause everytime, whenever 5vs5's fo priest's will win the battle.


fo priests are too OP.


Well lets see...  you got light of fo, you can archer without the penalty every plate wearer has by oakshelling yourself, you can oakshell your horse too, so good luck killing that thing.    About the only disadvantage Fo has is it's stupid double favor item.    




Some suggestions to balance it out a bit, would be to at least remove archery from Fo, or make Oakshell affect archery.     I don't mind most of the other things Fo has but that archery thing really needs to be taken into account.   


One thing I think should be changed about how Oakshell works is that you can't stack other spells onto it to prevent dispelling, but dispel won't remove Oakshell, just reduce it's power until it's gone.    That would make priests an effective counter, and not overpower the effectiveness of Oakshell itself in a large fight, yet give Fo priests at least some measure of protection from being a one hit wonder.       


Also unless Rolf does a revert on the recent changes, and a Fo priest thins himself out a bit, is naked, and much lighter than other fighters it would make them even harder to hit than they are often now (ontop of the bonus you already get for being unarmored not to mention the speed).  I can only imagine all the incoming butthurt over Fo priests in the next few weeks.     

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