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Journey to Celeb, or there and back again

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The journey to Celebration or there and back again

So I've sold an unfinished item to Siakka at Celebration. Now how to get it there, as unfinished can't be mailed. Well first step is to buy a sail ship. Not that I don't like swimming, but the pile weights 86kg so walking with it is a snails race and well them sharks... Became a proud owner of small sail ship. Bottle of champain broken at the hull, the name Sailozaxx (very thoughtful I know :) ) etched to the stern and off we go, arrrr.


Well not that fast. Some real preparation has to be done first. Loads of cotton, as I can fight, I really can, but my love of fast and light armour often brings me holes as pumpkins in my poor body and broken limbs are also not exceptions. Also I will need to load my ship with some barells, meals because who would like to eat just mackerels and several other goodies. As I live inland, that will be two journeys. One with cart loading my ship up, second one walking to finally set my sails off.


During my foot travel I lost a way a bit so I've met this friendly lad who I asked for the right way:





He kindly pointed the way with his huge shod club, before trying to break my skull with it. I've politely decapitated him, as I am well behaved even to strangers, as mother taught me.


Well as nothing more holds me at the land, my animals are fed, my farmland tended and my wine is ripeing in the barells raise the anchor scurvy dogs! Because that will be long journey and nothing much could be done while sailing, why don't we write a record of our journey. Not everyone has time to slack and travel around and I want to look back one day and say my offsprings - see that forested pennisula infested with lava spiders? There used to be Mottistone lighthouse back then when I was travelling to Celebration.


Passing the Lighthouse the gale turned to North east, so I applaud myself for chosing the right way, catch the breeze in my sail and enjoy the waves splashing to the hull. I am passing HowlBarrow and endorsing the terraforming efforts the folks put into the settlement:


when suddenly something huge moves under the ship. With the menacing look huge shark ascends from the depths, doubtless came to taste my sirloin for his dinner. I've kissed my huge axe, the incoscious ritual I do before every fight and make some fillets out of that monster. That was my first meeting with this species so the fight was unbalanced and my body looks like bloody steak before frying it on pan.


Well few first aid attempts later I butchered the corpse of huge beast, played a while with my Vyn and Mag puppets to regain some mental balance and raised the anchor again. Half of Deliverances' west coast still awaits to be passed and inspected by this adventurous lad and my every neuron is eager to see what great adventures are awaiting me on Exodus and Celebration later (if they ever knew, they'd rather scream…but back to that later).


DarkHoldHarbour and Vindekator are two nice and well defined settlements on the west shore of Deli. No one who I could wave to, so I at least adored the Colossus  and White lighthouse tower while passing by:







Approaching MithEstate and Hills Of Swedes, the place looks amazing from the distance but the closer ones get the more in awe he looks up to the buildings and landscape emitting the dedication and hardwork invested from every brick and slope of that place:




Rather smaller but still nicely built and funny named fort Kompetenzzentrum lies further south just before MRLightHouse Hotel Bay opens its mouth.




The few occupants of nearby settlements waved at me happily and warmly anytime I was passing and last mile or two of the western Deli shore awaits before I show my back to my home and head on to the danger, adventure and telltale  inspiration. "Sea horses" sculpture watch the water surface and their looks bless my journey as I bypass them adoring the fine details of the noble bodies:


LeGrosseFentes - this place just caught my heart. The person was not at home unfortunately, so I could not warmily express to him or her how harmonic and soothing effect the look at this settlement had:


The more harmonic and peaceful the LeGrosseFentes had on me, the more hard vain hit me when saw the rocky side of Witches Cauldron peak, where USA used to stand. Never saw that place and never will see it again as it remains unfortunately only in the stories and maybe the marking on the map will remind us for some time, where this undoubtely living place once stood:



The USAs' desolation and sadness goes away as lightning when I sail a bit more south and hit the most amazing place I've met yet on my journey. Not from the amount of work and greatness of the place, which is not small though neither, but the story behind. The place all the time you pass it just tells you the story of love and sharing of the good and bad and just from watching the place one feels strong need to run out and kiss and hug first suitable person. The place of love and commitment to others hearth just emanates and I could not make myself move further and leave this place behind me. My hat off and really slowly clap to anyone who built and raised the Castle of Love on the sunlight:




Well the hearth warmly pounding, but journey awaits and northeast gale is blowing my ship further south where more places and adventures await. And not far away near Sleepy Hollow bay, next to the place I called Miku Harbour the destiny again shown its teeth:



While looking for someone to wave to, enjoying Miku Harbour view and trying to figure out, what corpse is lying at the top of someones gate a huge octopus approached my way:



My scratches from the last fight were not yet fully healed and another beast from the deep is trying to stop me in my plans, but that’s wrong opponent you've chosen you tentacled beast. Or is that a trial from Vynora, testing my worthiness of holding the Salty Sailor title? Any of that might be true and after a lethal yet quick fight, parrying the tentacles trying to strangle me or shove me of my boat a victory finally found its way to my kissed axe blade and the ink sac and few scratches were my award. With adrenaline still bursting through my veins I sticked to the wheel and with salty song on my lips took off again south where the wilderness awaits.


Next to Lunatic Smithery the proof, that fools and lunatics are blessed with luck from stars, as rare SS can't be in possesion of anyone else than really lucky (or really wealthy) person:



On the southern shore just unfertile rocks raise from the see and the more I realize that the more surprised I am to see an olive farm next to a Dream Shore place  on the side of the rocky slope. That is again either humankind dedication show-off or unpredictability and the power of the nature presentation, which both is something always mention worthy:




The shore of Deliverance runs behind me already and last piece of land, like if the place did not want me to leave and streched its last grasp towards my ship i pass the MississipyGhost Isle. This sad place, raised from the mass of water with single willow is sadly waving goodbye to every sailor sailing south like if this is the last greetings on this world to him… hopefully not, but the dangers awaits and no one knows:



The wind in my ears starts whispering and one could hear words like "danger" and "crossing the border" in it if enough phantasy used, but we realistic sailors have just bursts of laugh to the evil winds and bravely aim our ship south further from the shore of Deliverance where in mists and fog land named Exodus awaits for me…

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Exodus - ACT II
The journey on the open sea is mentally exhausting, one is waiting to see the land every moment and it does not come. No wonder your consciousness is fading away with thoughts about upcoming encounter. What the land look like, are ppl living there friendly or will I have to avoid the encounters to not be used as an ingredient for nutritious soup? While thinking about future and past and not paying attention to my way suddenly strong wind gust came from nowhere and threw me out of the boat to the water. Surprised screech first and a lot of curses later left my lips after I crawled back into the boat.
After few more minutes, still water dripping from my clothes the Exodus land appeared at the horizont. The expectation of meeting unknown and unseen things and living unknown adventures was high, but not high enough to see this Unidentified Flying Object. My jaw dropped on the bottom of my ship and before I was able to use my face muscles again my nutrition went up noticeably as I've had to swallow more flies than an average huge spider does in his live:


This "flying something" was just levitating over the water surface and my fear got built up when I realized the thing is actually a pinewood square rig:


I prayed several times to Vynoras' forgiveness and to protect me of that evil magic ruling the lands here and decided to aproach the shore and follow it on the west side as I did on Deliverance. Not long after I managed to get closer to the shore few friendly souls exchanged greetings with me and my soul and feeling soothed a bit back to calmness and optimism, as is my overall nature. Well sadness remained as Exodus actually keeps its nature to its name and I was really surprised by high amount of abandoned places there, submerged once great creations and terraforming only left to remind, that big and thriving civilization bite the dust on this now untamed wild land. First place not far from submerged Colossus guarding the Flying Rig was Deep Space Nine - well what is left of that actually:


The place once big for sure remains in ruins and I go west, because i hope life is peaceful there, go west to the open air… well that is not a sailors song, but corresponds to my plans. Last quick peek to the unbelievable magic left behind and off we go:


I know there are other gods than Vynora and never understood those foolish enough to worship them, but still they have my respect and some great works they leave behind in name of their misbelief are adorable. If they prayed to the only true and rightful god Vynora, their temple would not be abandoned today:


Crescent bay opening its mouth and another reminder of desolation and abandonment awaits. The submerged towers only try to catch its last breath above surface only to be swallowed completely. The Top Notch twins are pleasant change and their dedicated look to the west have ensuring effect on me, that I am going the right way.




But all that awaits me is again just untamed wilds of Exodus shore. What so evil had to happen to a place, that all living left it. Was it a great war scorching the land and rumbling civlizations, or a plague was the reason for complete humankind extinct on this part of world?


While having my head full of such thoughts I turn back my eyes to western horizon and finally reach a place which looks a bit populated, or at least does not lay in ruins. Poseidons Retreat looks like a nice cozy place, unfortunately no one answers my greetings so I just pass the place and continue my journey:



Further west Greymanes bay with HoTs tower resides and the harbour full of ships and nicely kept landscape gives feeling I am finally aproaching inhabitted parts of Exodus:


Their neighbouring settlement made my day with funny name LolDieLols Mansion:


Not far before approaching MadHills Keep I've enjoyed some entertainment at the rocky slope of MadHill. The territorial fight between Lava spider and Huge spider was fun and I do not hide I faved the Lava spider for his fierce fight moves.


MadHills Keep has very cozy harbour and if anyone was home, I'd love to stop by and drink a jar of wine at the lighthouse, but as always, the place was silent and no one seemed to be at home:


Dark Harbour and its Colossus and Hundee Coast were last notable places before Bay Promise where big surprise awaited me:



There it is Bay Promise opening its mouth like a huge watery beast where places from tales like Wolf Mountain and Kokomo Beach lay. Are the places still there? Did they also perish under the unknown events and tooth of time? Well I see a big colossus, standing in the water, what is not a surprise anymore to me but wait… Something strange is about this one, not only shape but…. IT MOVED!


My horror at first place was replaced by holy awe. Vynora, my beloved godess sent its avatar to support me on my journey to bless me and show me that even us, mere mortals are sometimes blessed with the gods lenience:





I've passed the avatar my prayers touched its ears and her eyes followed my humble ship with my poor soul in it while gale turned my sails south along the Kokomo Beach, towards the Calhadras mountain and then through Wolfs Crossing where I plan to enter the Bunny Sea.



At the bottom of Wofl Mountain Nuksal place stands and that one is first one in this part of world which is not abandoned. The place is not thriving though, but few warm greetings are exchanged with the folks at the shore and aproaching Wolfe's crossing while enjoying view of the Wolf Mountain, looking like huge wolf tooth, as well as nice and maintained place which Nuksal undoubtely is:






Troll Pass the path around the foot of the Wolf Mountain reminds me with the friendly lad who pointed me the way to my boat back at Deliverance. The time back there looks like if it was ages ago. The path copies the foot of mountain and apart from some wild life no living soul pleases my journey around:


The path leads to a place which shows also dedication and a lot of work put into, but unfortunatelly totally abandoned now. Stonewall on northern part of the bay and Edwinall on the southern one. The terraforming of the Wolf Mountain  on its southern slope looks great and the creator was definitely a master of pick:



The Edwinall is a place where I stopped as it looks like reusable piece of land, still already bite by time, but still nicely designed and with awesome Colossus at its yard. If some adventurous soul wants I suggest this place for reclaim to bring back its glory. The luck, which resides over this abandoned place is proven by a rainbow arching over it:




Just south of that place Beaverbuds Mansion in the shadows of the trees is and because the Edwindall was full of unclaimed goods I believe this place is also abandoned. Only deer watching the sunrise makes this place a bit more living:


At the north Dagnors' Cauldron before I will pass Isle of Geed the Fort Paradiso caught my eye. This cold architecture fort standing firm and noble between pine and maple forest is like a majestic guardian of the bay.


Then comes The Isle of Geed a beatifully situated place between west shore with Widowmakers and Miko ranch on the east. This place even silent and lifeless now must be a nice place to live. I imagine dozens of citizens on each side working on their farms and ranches, shouting greetings to each other, while Isle inhabitant silently sitting at his doorsteps, smoking pipe and looking south.




And last piece of land of Exodus runs slowly behind me, I decided to take it a bit east before setting my sails south to Celebration, to check few more spots on map like Wolves Howl Forrest and Antioch, places I heard so much about. Also the sun is setting down and going on the open see under cover of darkness might be not a good idea. When aproaching the Wolves Howl Canal unholy silence fell on the surroundings. Not even sea splashing could be hear and even waves slapping my boat seemed to do it much more lazy then before. I have passed the lonely guard tower and then the air started to feel wet and foggy.


It did not take long and the fog went denser and white. View distance dropped fast to few meters in front of me and fear claimed my heart as beasts started to move in the fog on perimeter of my visibility:


My prayers chant was the only sound around, but Vynora had probably different plans... or was it an another trial? Who knows. What I know for sure though is that travelling in the mist and fog with knowing the beasts are out there is more terrifying than Troll King knocking your door. The lights in the fog are helping me to navigate at least a bit, but what is that? Is it really Antioch or is some water deamon trying to fool me to sail into his lair and face the death and damnation in his hands?



Trying to make the good decision north wind gale slowly breezes, too weak to tear the fog apart but strong enough to bring me the chant of Vynora "South, south,south,south …" what made the decision easier and my prayer and thanks I sent on the winds wings back to my goddess. Anchor and short stop hleped me to stabilize my compass to find out what the south direction is and the moment I found it I left the Exodus and the evil fog behind and I sailed forward towards the place on maps called Celebration…

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Reserved for Celebration back travelling part 4/6

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Reserved for Exodus back travelling part 5/6

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Reserved for Deliverance coming home part 6/6

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Hello reader,


hope you enjoy my story. I am sorry for a wall of text, but I thought the Deli forum might enjoy some live-ness and I was travelling that far my first time in wurm-life, so I decided to make a story about the travel and map with screenshots parts of the places I visit, as not eveyrone has time and wants to travel but some places I visited and you may see really need endorsement and have to be shown to the world ... at least that I thought :)


Album for first 3 parts (the way to Celeb) can be found here:


Enjoy and suggestions, places I wrongly named or more story behind some of the places always welcome.

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Moved to The Scribes Corner.


You can edit the title back ;) In future, use the Report function or pm one of the mods.

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Thanks a lot, newbie at those Forum processes yet :)

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Awesome story! And so many visuals. Looking forward to the return trip :)

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There and Back Again: A Czech's Holiday

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Ok thanks all for positive reviews. 2nd chapter just added. Hope you like it. You have to, because I slacked whole afternoon at work because of it and now I have to work from home to chase up :)

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Hey nice to see someone visiting Stonewall and appreciating all the work I put into it :)

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