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Darq's Service Center - Greymead (Xanadu)

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Servicing the Center of the Wurmian Pixelverse - Greymead (Xanadu) and neighboring areas.  Jobs priority goes to the locals and


Will work for silver, or support beams. 25 beams = 1 silver.


For the local community (living within 10 minutes travel time of Greymead), all services will be discounted.


 - Crafting/imping most anything to 80+.

 - Enchanting tools/weapons.

 - Genesis, Courier, Mend, Sunder, Strongwall, etc.

 - Mine mapping with vein quantities.

 - Major mining projects, including vein removals (up to 10k shards a day).

 - Supplying 90+ QL wood/ore.

 - Construction planning with 97 Carp.

 - Fine furnishings.

 - High QL Altars.

 - Teraform to 297 slope, for those insane jobs.

 - And many more!


I need beams for a large mining project, so prefer those over silver.

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Great and efficient services. Have had help with Mining, leatherworking, blacksmithing, and experienced advice.

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