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Looking for Long term Worker on Southern Deli

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Live with us basically. We need a variety of things done around the village. We need someone with 36 66 digging (or any skill as long as they dig a ###### ton of dirt for us), we need lots of bricks made, we need someone with 21 body strength, we need someone to go get us 50+ fir tree and willow tree sprouts, etc. Just random things around the deed and area.


Depending on what you do we will give you tools and money. Depending on what you do i.e. Make 500 bricks/Make 200 Planks/Dig 300 Dirt, we will reward you will a tool that fits that chore. Like a stone chisel with your choice of enchant, a saw with your choice of enchant, and/or a shovel with your choice of enchant. However, you may request silver as your payment. However however, we will give silver at MARKET RATES for all materials you help make. Market rates are less generous than you think i.e. 500 bricks/1 silver, 1000 dirt/1 silver, etc. 


We will treat you as one of our own and expect you to treat us the same; no ignoring us, talking back, etc.


We will provide living space, and help you build there if needed, we have basically everything we need but manpower at the moment. 


This is a long-term position. We want someone we can work with, knowing that they'll be here with us, living with us, like a legitimate villager, if not a legitimate villager. :)


Any questions? PM Vetem.

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