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The Naughty of 1045

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Hello Holiday Wurmians!


  We have enjoyed a lot of changes to Wurm Online from the development team in the last year, and while the holidays are usually a time for festive activities, we have also had to endure some antics on behalf of a few specific individuals who have been very very naughty.  We enjoy a great latitude of freedom in the abilities and creativity that can be achieved in the world of Wurm Online, but with that freedom, sometimes comes unintended results and situations where such an open system gets used against itself.  This is not a failure of the system, but a choice made by individuals who actively work towards the harm of the game and its members.


This is where the Game Masters come into action.  We not only mediate the rules and apply them to all situations evenly in order to help with minor in-game issues that sometimes arise, we handle and judge the situations where the rules and even the game mechanics are used in a negative manner against our members.  It is a fact of life that in any social environment there will be complications and mischievous behavior, however, sometimes someone comes along and crosses the line from bad social behavior to game breaking behavior.


Recently, there have been a few individuals who have been abusing the mechanics of Wurm Online in ways that are clearly not intended on PVE servers.  I am referring to the blatant stealing and theft of deeds and items from the resident citizens of the deeds.  The mechanics that made this possible have very important functions in the lives of the citizens of those deeds, yet a few people have decided to use those same mechanics as a means of conducting PVP style raids on PVE servers and steal deeds and or items they should not have.


This is covered by the rules.


* Obvious abuse of any exploit, bug or other method of gaining skill/items that is not as intended. (macros are covered by the rule above)


These situations clearly fall under this rule.  We have reviewed a lot of information concerning these recent matters and have established a pattern of repeated abuses perpetrated by these individuals.  After some consultation between the GM team and Code Club AB we have decided to remove these offenders from Wurm Online.


Happy Holidays,

Wurm Online Team

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