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WTS Small sailing boat

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As the title says, i want sell small sailing boat:


  • Anchor and boat lock will be included.
  • One peg is missing so you can choose wood type.
  • Pick up only, I'm in village Antioch, Xanadu - o16, but can transport it to the sea near VotD-Valey of the Damned Market - q14
  • Price is 1,2 s

Note* I can provide suitable wooden containers of any wood type(except oak and willow, those can be done for extra charge) to expand capacity (barrells, buckets, small crates, chests, or anything that fits) for 5c each if needed, or you can also order some furniture, or tools to take home with your boat (I have 63 carp, 50 fine carp), prices for that will be negotiated, but i'm sure we can make some nice disscount ;)


Answer here, or PM ingame or here, name is Kochinac in both cases :)

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