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Imbue blocks dispel

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so I have an imbued hatchet, cast a CoC on it. If I examine, it shows Imbue above CoC.  If I cast Dispel, I get: [08:45:48] You cast 'Dispel' on a hatchet.... but no results of success or fail.  Tried several times and same.  CoC remains.


Now I put WoA on hatchet and it is now the top of examine list.  When I dispel, it removed the WoA.


So, it appears the Imbue is a blocker to any spell below it in the examine list.  I suggest we make Imbue the bottom of examine list, to allow the removal of any other enchants on the item.


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I would like to bump this old topic, just ran into it myself. Got a pickaxe with max imbue on it and a BotD cast. I want to replace the BotD, so I cast dispel and this happens:


[13:24:11] You start to cast 'Dispel' on a pickaxe.

[13:24:15] You cast 'Dispel' on a pickaxe.


Imbue stays, BotD also.

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