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Pottery to clay spell.

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I propose a spell that would allow a pottery item to retain its rare or supreme status but be reverted to clay at fraction of its ql. So the item could be improved back up to a mile stone ql(50, 70, 90). Mend already exists as a Vynora spell. It reduces damage and ql on non-repairable items(like pottery), similarly how repair work for a repairable item. But items that benefit form a hire ql in pottery such as smelting pots, flower pots, and jars (and compasses) are at a significant disadvantage. While mend would allow them to reduce damage the rare or supreme status hardly seems useful with out away to get the ql back up.


In the interest of balance I think it would be best if the item were reverted to 1/10 of the original ql minimum 1 ql. This would require participation form both a potter and a priest. I would suggest it be a Vyn or Fo spell.


Now to think about why not;


The biggest argument I can think of for why not, is that they have always been finished items before why change it? Well there hasn't always been rares and supremes, that changes the way items are treated and considered. 


There may be more items this spell could work on, I'm not sure what else, nothing comes mind.


Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

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